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At Hubkicks, we ensure that every pair of sneakers we deliver match up to the highest quality standards. Each pair goes through detailed inspection upon leaving our network of authorized retailers, where we double check at our facilities for color fading, any dirt or stains, oxidization and more. No detail is spared—from the uppers, soles, insoles, laces, to the shoebox, we check every item thoroughly to ensure your orders arrive looking box fresh.

[ Shoe boxes (dents, etc.) – foreign labels are ok ]
Shoe boxes that are dented or damaged will not be shipped out to our customers. Please note that as we work with a network of trusted, authorized retailers from over 50 countries, your purchase may come with foreign labelling. Our team checks to ensure that these labels are true to each brand’s standard labelling across the world.


[ Scratches ] Hubkicks checks for any scratches on the uppers to make sure your sneakers do not come scratched on leathers or suedes. We check for knicks, scuffs and any small scrapes found will be immediately returned to the retailer.

[ Oxidation ]
Some shoes turn yellow over time due to improper care or storage. We check each pair of shoes to ensure that the color is new, and no signs of oxidation are visible.

[ Stains ]
Each pair of sneakers ordered via Hubkicks goes through a thorough check for any variations in the uppers, to ensure that no stains are on the shoes. If we find any stains—big or small, the shoes are immediately shipped back to the retailer for an exchange, and not to you.

[ Dirt ]
We make sure that each pair of sneakers shipped out are box fresh, not worn or scuffed, so we check for any signs of dirt on the uppers and soles, including any glue marks.

[ Fading ]
Hubkicks’s quality control team inspects every shoe individually and as a pair to make sure there are no color differentiations or fading on the uppers (example shade differences between left and right shoes). We also check for faded marks on the tongue, backs or soles.

[ Rips ]
Sneakers found with creases or rips on the uppers will not pass our Quality Control test, and will not be shipped out to you.

[ Shoe laces (rips, etc.) ]
Hubkicks examines every pair of shoelaces to make sure they are brand new, without wear and tear, or yellowing on any part of the lace.


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